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High Efficiency Adsorption Compressed Air Dryer

High Efficiency Adsorption Compressed Air Dryer

Compressed Air Dryer, Adsorption Dryer, Modular Dryer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Efficiency Adsorption Compressed Air Dryer and so on.


Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:KBH

  • Structure:Air Flow Drier

  • Operational Method:Continuous

  • Operation Pressure:Atmospheric Dryer

  • Heating Mode:Heatless

  • Movement Way:Fixed

  • Working Ambient Temp.:2~45oC

  • Inlet Temp.:2~50oC

  • Rated Inlet Temp.:35oC

  • Working Pressure:4~10 Bar G

  • Rated Working Pressure:7 Bar G

  • Pressre Dewpoint(PDP):-40oC, -70oC(@7bar G, 35oC)

  • Pressure Drop:0.14bar G

  • Noise: 75dB

  • Air Consumption: 15%

  • Voltage:110/230V AC, 50W

  • Trademark: YUANDA

  • Origin:Zhuhai, China

Product Description

KBW Series Structure Chart

*Modular assembling: Modular structure makes it possible to install it very easily, and it's just half size of traditional one.
*Less system pressure loss: Saving energy at the maximum limit.
*Long-lasting and high performance desiccant: To ensure a stable dewpoint and an excellent dry performance.
*Desiccant pressure springs: Protect the desiccant from moving or smashing during the circular switchover.
*Installation: With unique parallel installation, just N+1 units can reach 100% backup machine to reduce purchase cost.

Maximum Inlet Temp. 50 
Minimum Inlet Temp.
Working Ambient Temp. 2~45 
Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar g
Minimum Working Pressure 4 bar g
 Noise ≤ 75dB
Power Supply
230V AC 50/60Hz

110V AC 50/60Hz
Power 50W
PDP -40 , -70 
Air Consumption  15%
Pressure Drop 0.14 bar g

Flow Range


Dimensions (mm) Pipe Size Weight (Kg)
-40oC -70oC A B C D E
KBW39 3.9 2.73 320 1720 600 260 234 G2" 200


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