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Heatless Regenerative Absorbent Type Dryer

Heatless Regenerative Absorbent Type Dryer

Heatless Regenerative Absorbent Type Dryer, adsorption air dryers manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Heatless Regenerative Absorbent Dryer


Basic Info.

Model NO.:KBWPackage:CTN
Trademark: YUANDAOrigin:Zhejiang China
Production Capacity:200set/quarter

Product Description


>> Absorbent type dryer is on the basis of transforming pressure and adsorption principle, takes advantage of the inherent micropore of desiccant, absorbs the moisture in the air by capillarity, absorbs and dries the compressed air by self-heating and tepid regeneration process, to make the temperature of dew point -40~-70.


>>Due to the limitation of dehydration principle, the temperature of dew point of air pressure after treatment only reaches to 2-8. In some circumstance that requires higher air quality, it can not meet air using requirement, replaced by absorbent type cool drier or combined type drier.
>>Generally, the equipment is made in two-tower form. Under the control of PLC, two towers works alternatively. One absorbs moisture, the other desorbs and regenerates. It is characterized in stable operation, low investment, easy maintenance and unattended operation etc.
>>According to regeneration mode, absorbent type dryer can be divided into two types: Heatless regeneration and tepid regeneration.                                                                                                            

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