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Compressed Air Filter

    • KAS Efficient Water-oil Separator
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      KAS Efficient Water-oil Separator

      KAS Efficient Water-oil Separator Working principle Cyclone separator with coalescing filter 2nd purification system in one, directly intercept the oil and water in the compressed air , through theRead More
    • KAY Efficient Oil Remover
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      KAY Efficient Oil Remover

      KAY Efficient Oil Remover Working principle Cyclone separator, pre-filter, ultrafilter 3 grade purge in one device to intercept water, dust and oil in compressed air directly through the cycloneRead More
    • KNC Activated Carbon Filter
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      KNC Activated Carbon Filter

      KNC Activated Carbon Filter Working principle Take activated carbon fiber as filter material, has a strong adsorption, can filter out the residual oil and the smell in the compressed air, which usedRead More
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