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PSA Nitrogen Generator

PSA Nitrogen Generator

KNA PSA Nitrogen Generator Specification 1) Purity: 99.9% 2) Capacity: 1000Nm3/h 3) Pressure out: 0.6Mpa (1.0~15.0MPa is also available) 4) Dew point: <45~70 degree


KNA PSA Nitrogen Generator 

1). Purity: 99.9%
2). Capacity: 1000Nm3/h
3). Pressure out: 0.6Mpa (1.0~15.0MPa is also available)
4). Dew point: <45~70 degree

Technical Features
1). Imported pneumatic valves, using life is more than 3 million times;
2). Siemens PLC Intelligent program controller, easy and stable operation;
3). Specific inert ceramic balls diffusion technology makes airflow distribution evenly; improve the adsorption efficiency for adsorbent;
4). Self-force cylinder compress device (Patent No.: ZL-200820168079.9) to protect the using life of the carbon molecular sieve;
5.) Original centrifugal vibration Filling (Patent No.: ZL-200820168078.4) effectively ensure the maximum filling volume.

How to get a prompt quotation?

Just send us the following data, we will provide the most suitable nitrogen generator proposal for you.

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1) N2 flow rate:    _____Nm3/hr
2) N2 purity:     _____%
3) N2 discharge pressure:    _____Bar
4) Voltages and Frequency:   ______V/PH/HZ
5) Nitrogen Application.

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