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225HP Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer with Air Cooled


Basic Info

  • Structure: Air Flow Drier

  • Operation Pressure: Atmospheric Dryer

  • Movement Way: Combined

  • Certification: SGS

  • Trademark: Yuanda

  • Origin: China

  • Operational Method: Continuous

  • Heating Mode: Transmission

  • Usage: for Manufacture

  • Cooling Method: Direct Cooling

  • Specification: CE

Product Description

Compressed air is a fundamental source of energy for the large majority of industrial processes.
However, air from a compressor is often too humid, contaminated or hot to be used in the
Production chain without prior treatment.
The application of high-quality air ensures continuity and reliability of industrial applications, the
Highest quality standards for finished products and the optimization of production costs.
Shengguang offers a range of refrigerated air drying solutions including:
Low and medium-capacity cycling refrigeration dryers, products which have made Shengguang the world
Leader in the field of refrigerated air drying. The current ranges - Shengguang® Is the products of more than forty years of experience in the research, development
And production of compressed air treatment systems.
High-capacity cycling refrigeration dryers, available as standard models or custom-made to customer requirements.
Adsorption dryers, for 'supercharged' drying, where a dewpoint in the -40o C to -70oC range is required.
Caring for the environment:
YUANDA has been awarded CE certification and puts environmental standards at the
Heart of its production and design. Its refrigeration dryers guarantee:
Zero pollution risks, due to its refrigeration system, which has been researched, developed and accurately
Tested to avoid any refrigerant loss.
Top energy efficiency, reducing electrical energy consumption to a minimum.
A safe investment:
YUANDA refrigeration dryers furthermore offer:
Energy awareness, using components and features which deliver maximum efficiency and energy savings.
Low maintenance needs, due to technological advances in research, development, production and testing.

Model Air flow
Air connection     in/out Comp
Dimension (cm)  Weight
Width  Height  Depth
KAD-150 19 1.52 DN80 5 80 102 100 170
KAD-200 24 2.10 DN80 5 80 102 100 240
KAD-300 35 3.06 DN100 6 86 130 110 260
KAD-400 45 3.22 DN100 6 110 140 210 500
KAD-500 55 4.08 DN100 10 110 140 210 560
KAD-600 65 5.16 DN100 11 110 145 210 650
KAD-800 85 7.82 DN150 15 110 150 210 700
HRS-1000 130 9.30 DN150 20 110 170 220 860
HRS-1500 170 15.2 DN200 30 110 210 220 1130
HRS-2000 230 20.8 DN200 40 110 210 230 1220
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