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Adsorption Air Dryer


Product Description

1. Basic introduction
The adsorption air dryer is designed to provide pure and dry air by the use of physical principles.
2. Working Principle
The micro adsorption dryer is use the "pressure changes" (PSA) to achieving the drying effect. Due to the air's ability to hold moisture is inversely proportional to pressure, part of the dry air (called as the regeneration gas)decompress and expand to atmosphere, and become drier under the pressure changes, then let it flow to regenerate desiccant layer(that is the drying tower which has absorbed enough moisture ) which is not switched on airflow, regeneration dry gas remove the moisture in the desiccant layer from drying tower to achieve the dehumidifying purpose. Two tower cycle working, without heat source, make it possible to continuous to provide dry compressed air for user's gas system.


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