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Air cooler cleaning


Because most of cooling water contains calcium and magnesium ions, and bicarbonate. When the cooling water flows through the metal surface, the carbonate production. In addition, the oxygen dissolved in water can also cause metal corrosion and the formation of rust. Due to the formation of rust, condenser heat exchange efficiency is decreased. Serious when having to shell out spray cooling water scaling which can clog pipes, heat transfer effect of the ineffective. Research data shows effect of scaling on heat transmission loss is huge, with the increase of sediments will result in increased energy costs. Even a thin layer of scale will increase the operating costs of scaling part of the device by more than 40%. Keep does not contain mineral deposits in the cooling channels can improve efficiency, save energy, extend equipment life, while saving production time and costs.
Has long traditional of cleaning way as mechanical method (scraping, and brush), and high pressure water, and chemical cleaning (pickling), in on equipment cleaning Shi appeared many problem: cannot completely clear scale, deposition real, acid liquid on equipment caused corrosion formed vulnerability, residues of acid on material produced II times corrosion or scale Xia corrosion, eventually led to replaced equipment, also, cleaning waste toxic, need large funds for wastewater processing.

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