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Air cooling structure


Heat transfer of air cooler Tube bundle including pipe, tube, side beams and cross beams, and so on. It can be horizontal, vertical, and diagonal-(flip type) 3 basic form layout (Figure 2). Among them, large area of heat transfer in horizontal layout, air distribution, heat transfer effect; lifter layout, the fan installed in herringbone central space, covers an area of small, compact structure. To offset the effect of air side heat transfer coefficient is low, usually light tube wall mounted finned tubes. Fin-and-tube heat transfer tube, can expand the heat transfer area. A hierarchical arrangement of finned tubes, which ends with welding or expanding connection on the tube. Row 3~8 row. Bundle family size up to 12 meters. Tube diameter 25 mm and 38 mm, fin height and generally the 12~15 mm, tubes 100~3000 mm wide. Fin-and-tube air cooler core components, its forms and materials directly affect device performance. Tubes made of carbon steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel; fin materials depending on their environment and manufacturing processes to determine mostly uses aluminum, corrosion protection is very high under the special conditions or manufacturing process using copper or stainless steel. Fins can be arranged horizontally or vertically. The basic form of fin-and-tube (Figure 3): around the plates, set, rolling chip, chip sets, welding plate, oval tube, turbulent (including spokes, slotted and ripple-shaped). Tube box structure of the main flange, plug type and collection tube (Figure 4). Which in general low pressure, which applied to high voltage. To accommodate thermal expansion bundle, pipe box are not fixed at one end to allow displacement along the length direction. Fans axial fan is usually used.

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