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Air separation equipment flow


1, air separation equipment process freezing method to remove water and CO2. Air in the cooling process, moisture and CO2 in the heat exchanger channel precipitation, freezing; after a certain period of time to switch the channel, by the return of dirty nitrogen gas will be frozen away. According to the different heat exchanger type, is divided into cold accumulator and plate-fin switch heat exchanger. This way to switch the action frequently, start the operation is more complex, high technical requirements, the operating cycle of about 1 year;

2, air separation equipment process by molecular sieve adsorption purification process. The air is cleaned by the adsorber before entering the main heat exchanger. Adsorber switching cycle is long, so that the operation greatly simplified, pure nitrogen product volume is no longer subject to the requirements of the return flow limit, the operation cycle of up to two years or more, by more and more widely used.


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