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Air separation plant in the role of heat exchangers?


By the molecular sieve adsorber out of the air into the cold box, the main heat exchanger is cooled by the reflux gas, the air throttle into the next tower. After the next column distillation in the top of the next tower to obtain 99% purity liquid nitrogen, in the bottom of the tower to get oxygen-rich liquid space. After the liquid nitrogen is throttled, it enters the top of the upper column as the reflux liquid, or the liquid nitrogen is taken out as 400kg / h liquid nitrogen by the nitrogen gas liquid separator as the product, after the liquid nitrogen is cooled by the liquid nitrogen supercooler, release. After the oxygen-rich liquid under the bottom of the tower after the liquid-air cooler by the return of liquid nitrogen to further cool down after the throttle after the liquid throttle into the middle of the upper part of the distillation tower in the bottom of the tower to obtain purity 99.5% Of liquid oxygen, open the liquid oxygen output valve out of 400kg / h liquid oxygen, as the product release.

The cooling capacity of the device is provided by an air pressurized turboexpander, and a refrigeration cycle circuit is arranged in the flow. The air coming out of the molecular sieve adsorber enters the refrigeration cycle circuit through a buffer tank regulating valve. The circulating air consists of two piston air Compressor suction from the air buffer tank, discharged from the compressor after the booster before the filter into the booster booster, the supercharger after the supercharger after the cooler into the cold box. Cooled in the main heat exchanger by the reflux gas from the middle into the turbo-expander, the expansion of the low-temperature gas as the reflux gas in the main heat exchanger to cool the positive current of each gas, the expansion of hot air in the heat exchanger Is reheated after the cold box into the air buffer tank to complete a refrigeration cycle.

The top of the top of the tower out of the dirty nitrogen as a reflux gas through the liquid-liquid nitrogen supercooler, the main heat exchanger is reheated after the cold box, part of the gas as a molecular sieve regeneration gas source into the molecular sieve adsorber heating, The exhaust gas from the molecular sieve adsorber is vented by a muffler. The remaining nitrogen from the cold box is vented by another muffler.

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