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Air test equipment, strength test and air tightness test requirements


Air test equipment, strength test and air tightness test requirements

First, the factory has been made strength test and a certificate can not be used for strength test, but must be air tightness test, when found to have damage to the equipment or in the field made a partial modification, should still be strength test;

Second, the strength test should be used for the media; for water should not be used as a medium or complex structure of the equipment (distillation tower, plate fin heat exchanger, adsorption filter, etc.) should adopt clean, dry, oil-free gas, But there must be reliable security measures;

Third, the strength test and air tightness test pressure and holding time should be the equipment technical documents required to implement; when not specified, should meet the following table, and the test pressure shall not be less than 0.1MPa.

Fourth, the hydraulic test should be used clean water or liquid. When the pressure inside the equipment filled with liquid, should be retained in the gas retained in the internal and external wall temperature close to the design pressure can only slowly rise; when there is no leakage should continue to rise to test pressure, and according to the pressure equipment size Holding pressure 10 ~ 30min; then, down to the design pressure, the holding time should not be less than 30min, the inspection should be no leakage, abnormal phenomenon. After the hydraulic test, dry, oil-free compressed air should be used to dry the inside, blowing clean. When the austenitic stainless steel pressure vessel is hydrothermally tested for water, it is advisable to control the chloride ion content in water and not exceed 25% (25 ppm) per million.

5, the pressure test should be used clean, dry, oil-free air or inert gas; carbon steel and low alloy steel pressure vessel, the test gas temperature shall not be less than 15 ℃; other materials manufactured pressure vessel, test gas Temperature, should meet the design requirements. When the pressure test, it should be slowly boosted to 10% of the test pressure, holding pressure 5 ~ 10min; when no leakage, should continue to rise to 50% of the test pressure; when no abnormalities, should continue to boost to Test pressure, and press the pressure equipment size of 10 ~ 30min; and then should be reduced to the design pressure, holding time of not less than 30min, the inspection should be no leakage and abnormalities.

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