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Air separation Equipment for oil &gas, Chemicals

  • Model NO.: KNA

  • Purpose: Gas separation

  • Application Fields: Chemical

  • Machine Size: Medium

  • Certification: ISO, CE, CCS, TS, BV, ABS

  • Standand: Customized

  • Dew Point: -40°C to -70°C 

  • Purity: 95%-99.9995%

  • Voltlage: 220V/380V,50/60Hz

  • Business Type: Manufaturing Factory

  • Package: Customized

  • Origin: China

  • Usage: Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Ozone

  • Parts: Adsorption Tower

  • Noise Level: Ultra Low

  • Condition: New

  • Name: Air Separation Euipment N2 Gas

  • Pressure: 5-6 Bar

  • Capacity: 5-5000Nm3/h

  • Life: 10 years

  • Theory: Pressure Swing Adsorption

  • Trademark: Yuanda

  • Specification: Customized

  • HS Code: 84196090

Air Separation Euipment N2 Gas for Chemical and Food


Air Separation Euipment N2 Gas for Chemical and Food, Nitrogen gas produced by separation of gaseous of air using adsorption. Compressed air first passes through a combination of filters to remove entrained oil and water. The purified air is then directed to one of two adsorption vessels that are packed with carbon molecular sieves (CMS). The remaining impurities, such as Carbon Dioxide and residual moisture, are adsorbed by the CMS selectively adsorb Oxygen, allowing Nitrogen to pass through at the desired purity level.
While one vessel is producing Nitrogen, the second vessel is depressurized to remove the adsorbed Oxygen, which is then vented to the atmosphere. The automatic cycling of adsorption and desorption between the two beds enables the continues production of Nitrogen.


1. It operates quickly, qualified Hydrogen can be made immediately 
2. The machine can fully automatic operate, without workers during the whole course 
3. High efficiency molecular sieves filling, more compress, more solid, more lifelong. 
4. Pressure, purity, capacity can be made, to meet different customers needs. 
5. Perfect structure, advanced procedure, stable&safety, little investment, lower consumption

Technical Data
Pressure:5-10 bar 
Pressure dew point:<10°C 
Oil content<0.003mg/m3 
Air -changewith the Nitrogen&Oxygen
Normal pressure dew point:<-40degree 
Nitrogen capacity:5-5000Nm3/H 

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