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Large-scale air separation equipment ushered in the peak demand

Source: "2013-2018 Air Separation Equipment Industry Market Analysis and Investment Prospects Report"

The development of related industries in China will create a considerable market space for large-scale air separation plant. From the metallurgical industry development situation, high-tech, high value-added products will become the development direction of China's domestic iron and steel enterprises, metallurgical industry demand for air separation equipment will reach 1.5 million to 225 million cubic meters per hour. Coupled with the old air separation unit renovation and transformation of the past decade, the metallurgical industry, the total demand for air separation plant will reach 3 million per hour to 375 million cubic meters. As the iron and steel enterprises in different circumstances, if the hourly oxygen production capacity of 30,000 cubic meters of air separation equipment for the sector, then the hourly oxygen level of 30,000 or more air separation equipment needs 50 sets of 60 sets of oxygen per hour The amount of 30,000 grade below the various types of small and medium-sized air separation equipment is expected to 150 sets of ~ 180 sets. Although in the near future, the steel industry is undergoing merger and reorganization and industrial restructuring, may be due to the sharing of assets, equipment, and shelved some of the original plan of equipment procurement. But in the long run, metallurgical industry demand for large-scale air separation plant will increase.

In addition to the metallurgical industry, according to the existing plan, as one of the alternative energy coal liquefaction project will form an annual output of 30 million tons of scale. According to the current level of technology, coal-to-air project demand for air separation equipment, the proportion of every 100,000 tons of coal-oil products need 13,500 to 14,000 cubic meters of oxygen. The demand for air separation plant in the field will reach 415 million to 4.2 million cubic meters of oxygen per hour; China's methanol production will reach 30 million tons, the new supporting air separation unit about 2.53 million cubic meters per hour oxygen . Used in the field of coal chemical air separation plant general specifications are larger, 50,000 to 60,000 level of large air separation equipment more. If the 50,000-grade air separation plant by the calculation, coal oil, methanol, the field will have to produce about 135 sets of large air separation equipment needs. Expected, China's ethylene production will reach 25 million tons in 2020, close to 40 million tons. In accordance with the pace of development, the industry need to add supporting air separation unit capacity of oxygen per hour about 900,000 cubic meters, need 30,000 grade of air separation equipment, about 30 sets. In summary, according to the national economic development plan, China's total air separation plant oxygen demand per hour for 10.5 million to 11.4 million cubic meters, is expected to be 30,000 grade and above air separation plant 20 sets of ~ 25 sets.

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