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N2 Purification Equipment (KNC)


Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:KNC

  • Structure:Floor Standing

  • Usage:Industry, Engineering

  • Air Volume:10-3000Nm3/h

  • Type:Carbon load

  • Certification:ISO

  • Power Source:Electrical

  • Operating Principle:Active

  • Model:KNC

  • Trademark:YUANDA

  • Origin:Fuyang Hangzhou

Product Features
High performance
With stable outlet temperature, it can gain stable outlet compressed air with low dew point and and high quality, which can remove impurities and moisture completely.

Signification energy saving
The working principle of low-temperature absorption and normal-temperature regeneration can reduce regenration air comsumption of absorbing agent(amount of regeneration air is=3%) and decrease power consumption of freezing compressed machine from 20% to 40%.

Simple maintenance
Reduce water content of compressed air through freezing system at first, so as to extend life of absorbing agent, to lengthen work cycle, and to reduce valve friction.

Space Saving
With compact structure design, when compared with simple series system of freezing devices and absorbing devices, it saves more spaces.
Optimal pressure dew point
Design pressure dew point <-60oc Caccording to user requirements.

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