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Nitrogen filling machine for nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen use


1. Improve tire stability and comfort

Nitrogen gas is almost inert diatomic gas, the chemical nature is extremely lively, gas molecules than oxygen molecules, not hot and cold shrinkage, deformation range is small, the infiltration of tire tire wall speed is about 30 to 40% slower than the air, to maintain Stable tire pressure, improve tire stability, to ensure the comfort of driving; nitrogen audio conduction is low, the equivalent of ordinary air 1/5, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce the tire noise, improve the speed of travel.

2. To prevent puncture and runaway

The puncture is the number one killer in the road traffic accident. According to statistics, 46% of the traffic accidents on the freeway are caused by the failure of the tire, which accounts for 70% of the total tires. When the car is running, the tire temperature will rise due to friction with the ground, especially in the high-speed driving and emergency braking, the tire gas temperature will rise rapidly, tire pressure surge, so there may be puncture. And high temperature lead to tire rubber aging, fatigue strength decreased, intense tread wear, but also may be an important factor in puncture. Compared with the general high-pressure air, high purity nitrogen because of oxygen and almost no moisture content of oil, the thermal expansion coefficient is low, low thermal conductivity, slow temperature, reducing the speed of tire heat, Characteristics, so it can greatly reduce the risk of puncture.

3. Extend tire life

After the use of nitrogen, tire pressure stable volume change is small, greatly reducing the possibility of tire irregular friction, such as crown grinding, shoulder grinding, partial grinding, improve tire life; rubber aging is the oxygen molecules in the air Oxidation, aging after its strength and elasticity decreased, and there will be cracks, when the tire life caused by shortening one of the reasons. The nitrogen separation unit can significantly reduce the oxygen, sulfur, oil, water and other impurities in the air, effectively reducing the degree of oxidation of the tire liner and the corrosion of the rubber, without corroding the metal rim, extending the tire Life, but also to a great extent to reduce the situation of the rim rust.

4. Reduce fuel consumption to protect environmental protection

The increase in tire pressure and the increase in rolling force after heating will cause an increase in fuel consumption when the vehicle is running. In addition to maintaining a stable tire pressure and slowing down the tire pressure, the nitrogen is dry and free from oil and heat Low, slow temperature characteristics, reducing the tire speed when the increase in walking, and improve the deformation of small grip, etc., reducing the rolling resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing fuel consumption. The United States has made a comparison of tire nitrogen and air-filled experiments. The results of the experiment show that nitrogen filling is 26% more than air-filled tires. Nitrogen-filled tires can be inflated according to the design of the tire pressure, can be achieved when the car design fuel consumption indicators. Experiments show that nitrogen-filled tires are filled with 2-10% fuel tank. Effectively reducing air pollution. Brazilians have practiced, nitrogen filling the fifty thousand kilometers still do not need qi. Nitrogen tires are more wear resistant than air tires. Naked tires run an average of 48% more airtight tires than tires that do not meet tread loss.

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