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Nitrogen machine daily maintenance


Nitrogen machine daily maintenance:

1, air compressor to regular maintenance, air filter, oil, oil in accordance with the instructions regularly called manufacturers replacement.

2, cold and dry machine to regularly check the refrigerant pressure, so that timely replenishment, heat sink dust to clean with compressed air every day, the filter filter to be regularly replaced, the normal is 8000H, depending on the specific circumstances, the pressure situation.

 3, open the air tank every day out of the mouth, drain the air in the condensate.

4, the daily inspection of automatic drainage, so as not to plug the loss of drainage. If the blockage, you can slightly open the manual valve, close the self-valve and then remove the automatic drainage, decomposition cleaning. When cleaning the automatic drain, use soap foam to clean.

5, nitrogen machine mainly check the working pressure of the adsorption tower, purity, flow record.

6, activated carbon filter activated carbon is generally recommended to replace once a year.

7, muffler If there is smoke coming out, indicating the molecular sieve powder, immediately stop, repair.

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