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Principle of Air Separation


The principle of space-divided nitrogen is that carbon molecular sieve can adsorb oxygen and nitrogen in the air at the same time, and its adsorption capacity increases with the increase of pressure, and there is no obvious difference between oxygen and nitrogen balance under the same pressure. Thus, it is difficult to complete the effective separation of oxygen and nitrogen by the change of pressure alone. If the adsorption rate is further considered, the adsorption characteristics of oxygen and nitrogen can be effectively distinguished. Oxygen molecular diameter smaller than the nitrogen molecules, and thus the diffusion rate faster than nitrogen hundreds of times, so the carbon molecular sieve adsorption of oxygen is also very fast, adsorption about 1 minute to reach more than 90%; and nitrogen adsorption capacity of only 5% , So at this time the adsorption is generally oxygen, and the rest are generally nitrogen. In this way, if the adsorption time is controlled within 1 minute, the oxygen and nitrogen can be initially separated, that is, the adsorption and desorption is achieved by the pressure difference, the pressure increases when the adsorption, the pressure drop when the desorption. And the difference between oxygen and nitrogen is absorbed by the speed difference between the two, by controlling the adsorption time to achieve, the time control is very short, oxygen has been fully adsorbed, and nitrogen has not had time to adsorption, to stop the adsorption process. So the pressure swing adsorption nitrogen should have pressure changes, but also the time to control within 1 minute.

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