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PSA nitrogen gas application

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PSA nitrogen for these and many other applications. 

Refineries and chemical plants : 
Nitrogen generated by PSA plants is being used with an upward tendency for inertizing in a variety of processes in the chemical and petro chemical industries paricularly to avoid oxidations reactions and even combustion and explosions.

PSA Nitrogen Plants

 Bear, wine and juiceBear, wine and juices:
Storing, refilling and bottling of beverages such as bear, wine and fruit juices are being effected more and more frequently with nitrogen which , due to its extremely low solubility and its inert character, provides the desired neutral atmosphere. In addition PSA nitrogen, ideally in a mixture with carbon dioxide, is being used more often for dispense of beverages, especially bear.

Oil and Gas PlatformsOil and gas platforms:
PSA - Nitrogen is used for inertizing purposes on offshore platforms. The application here is usually to displace atmospheric air to prevent fires and explosions.

Metal TreatmentMetal-treatment:
Nitrogen from PSA - plants is used either in its pure form or in a mixture with reactive gases such as hydrogen or methane for heat treatment of steel and other metallurgical products.

Storage of fruits and vegetablesStorage of fruits and vegetables:
Supplying a broad public with fresh fruits and vegetables over longer periods of time is no longer possible without transportation and storage in a controoled atmosphere- one of which is nitrogen with the desired low oxygen content, produced by PSA - plants.

Electronics/Laboratory ApplicationsElectronics/Laboratory applications:
The extreme quality requirements in the production of electronic components (microchips, for example) and increasing demands in regard to modern analysis methods can in many cases be satisfied with pure nitrogen (99.999 Vol.-% e.g.) generated in PSA - plants.

Tankers and Storage TanksTankers and storage tanks:
Whether in tankers used to ship liquefied natural gas, oil or chemicals, or in stationary storage vessels, nitrogen is used as blanket gas and for purging. In most cases, nitrogen serves an explosion prevention function and protects against undesired reactions of oxygen with the contents of the tanks.

Food PackagingFood Packaging:
The shelf life of perishable foods such as bread, cheese, meat, coffee, edible oils and spices can be considerably prolonged by packing in an atmosphere of nitrogen. Nitrogen will effect niether the taste nor the flavour the foods.

Pipe LinesPipelines:
Service and maintenance work at oil and gas pipelines often requires nitrogen inrtization to protect the crews against fire and exposure. In many cases the nitrogen can be supplied by mobile PSA systems.


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