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Pure oxygen generators, using air as raw materials and pure physical way to separate oxygen from air


Key Specifications/Special Features:

This product adopts advanced pressure adsorption (PSA) oxygen generating technology, using efficient and stable molecular sieve adsorbent, using air as raw materials and pure physical way to separate oxygen from air
It can continuously generate oxygen as long as power on
It's convenient and quick, at the same time, it adopts double power supply design, have built-in and built-out two pieces of battery, guarantee there will have fresh oxygen at any time
Aiming at the car special environment, it's not only equipped with car adapter which can be directly to charge oxygen generator, has also made special shock absorption to oxygen generator, to ensure the safe and stable operation of oxygen generator

1) Adopts advanced PSA oxygen generating technology in non-chemical way, safe and efficient
2) Using efficient and stable molecular sieve adsorbent, to make sure oxygen content and concentration can remain stable for a long time
3) Stylish stream line design, smart portable, convenient to take
4) Built-in big volume battery, convenient to take
5) Intelligent adjustable 3 grades oxygen flow control meets your need in different status
6) Smart CPU controlling heat emission system
7) Original vehicle mounted design, implementing oxygenating anytime when driving
8) Leading shockproof and noise reducing technology, more professional and quieter design

Core function:
1. High oxygen concentration
Oxygen concentration =90%, adjustable flow
2. Efficient molecular sieve: original import sieve, more efficient oxygen content
3. Quieter: noise is less than 50dB
4. Continually supplying oxygen for 24 hours
5. Abnormal alarm: the red light flash warning when abnormal work
6. Support for outdoor use, smart size with big volume battery, convenient to take
7. Supports vehicle, relieve long driving fatigue

Product parameters:

  • Size: 160*225*95mm

  • Weight: 2.5kg

  • Power supply

  • 1) Adapter:

  • Input: 110-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 1.5A

  • Output: 19V, 4.74A

  • 2) Car adapter:

  • Input: 10-15V DC, max 10A

  • Output: 19V, 4.74A

  • Working voltage: 12V

  • Power: 30W

  • Oxygenating way: variable pressure adsorption (PSA)

  • Absorbing oxygen way: nasal tube

  • Oxygen flow: adjustable 1-3 grade

  • Oxygen concentration: above 90%

  • Output pressure: 0.03-0.07MPa

  • Operation noise: =50dB

  • Continual using time of battery:

3L/min: 2 hours
2L/min: 2.5 hours
1L/min: 3.5 hours


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