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what is Air separation equipment


Air separation equipment is the air liquefaction, distillation, and ultimately separated into oxygen, nitrogen and other useful gas gas separation equipment, referred to as air separation equipment. Its minimum operating temperature is 77K. Until the end of the 19th century air is still known as the "permanent gas", and later people found in the deep low temperature air can liquefied, and because of oxygen, nitrogen boiling point different, can be separated from the liquefied air oxygen and nitrogen. The first commercialized oxygen generator was made in 1903 and was originally used only for metal gas welding and cutting. The late 1930s, nitrogen fertilizer industry needs nitrogen, oxygen machine developed to produce both oxygen and nitrogen, renamed air separation equipment

Development path

By the 1950s, due to the popularization and application of oxygen blowing and blast furnace blast process and the rapid development of nitrogen fertilizer industry, air

The separation of equipment to large-scale development, and the application of modern scientific research, such as the use of turbine compressors, turboexpander, plate fin heat exchanger, microcomputer and molecular sieve adsorber and other equipment, the air separation equipment has been improved And the air pressure in the equipment is reduced from high pressure (20 MPa) to low pressure (less than 1 MPa), the power consumption per unit of product is also decreasing (power consumption per cubic meter of oxygen from 1.5 to 0.6 kWh) The Modern air separation equipment can produce a variety of capacity, different purity of gaseous or liquid products, but also to create high purity oxygen and nitrogen (such as oxygen 99.998% and nitrogen 99.9995%) air separation equipment can also be based on user needs, Through the control of electronic computers, at any time increase or decrease the number of products to achieve the purpose of economic oxygen. By the 1980s, the oxygen production capacity of large air separation equipment had reached 70,000 meters (/ hour; air pressure dropped to 0.36 MPa; continuous operation cycle of up to 2 years.


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