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What Is Air Filter

Air filter is the air filter device, generally used for clean workshop, clean room, clean operating room, laboratory and clean room, or for electronic mechanical communication equipment such as dust. There are five models of early effect filter, medium efficiency filter, high efficiency filter, sub-efficient and high efficiency filter. Various models have different standards and performance

In pneumatic technology, air filters, pressure reducing valves and oil misters are known as pneumatic three pieces. In order to get a variety of functions tend to these three kinds of gas processing elements in order to be assembled together, known as pneumatic triple. For gas source purification filtration, decompression and provide lubrication.

Three pieces of the order of installation according to the direction of the air into the air filter, pressure reducing valve, oil mist. The three pieces are the most indispensable air supply devices in most pneumatic systems. They are installed in the vicinity of gas equipment. It is the final guarantee of compressed air quality. Its design and installation, in addition to ensuring the quality of the three pieces, , Easy to install, can be any combination and other factors.

The role of air filters

From the gas out of the compressed air contains excessive water vapor and oil droplets, as well as solid impurities, such as rust, sand, pipe sealant, which will damage the piston seal ring, blocking the components of the small vent, Shorten the life of components or make it ineffective. The effect of the air filter is to separate the liquid water and liquid oil droplets from the compressed air and filter out dust and solid impurities in the air, but can not remove gaseous water and oil.

Application areas

Air filters are widely used in other industries and sectors that require compressed air purification in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, machinery, light industry, textile, automobile manufacturing, electronics, food, medicine, biochemistry, national defense, and scientific research.

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