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The Type Of Air Dryer And The Use Of Precautions

Three types of air dryers:

There are three methods in the industry for the drying of compressed air, they are:

1, the use of certain chemical substances deliquescence characteristics of dehydration drying. Such as deliquescent compressed air dryer.

2, the use of adsorbent in the compressed air in the water vapor has the characteristics of selective adsorption dehydration drying. Such as adsorption-type compressed air dryer.

3, the use of compressed air in the water vapor pressure from the level of compressed air to determine the characteristics of temperature dehydration drying. Such as refrigerated compressed air dryer.

In the above three kinds of compressed air drying equipment, the delamination of compressed air dryer has been basically eliminated, and cold and dry air compressor and adsorption dryer is being widely used.

The use of air dryer Note:

1, in the installation or replacement of air dryer should be cleaned up the pipeline to prevent impurities caused by leakage.

2, in the installation or replacement of air dryer should pay attention to the connection of the inlet and outlet, not installed anti.

3, should regularly replace the drying cylinder (the general term of not more than two years) to ensure that the air dryer normal work.

4, the installation of air dryer vehicles, cancel the regulator, antifreeze valve, wet storage and automatic discharge valve, so easy to install.

5, the installation of air dryer to keep its upper left 30m2 space, in order to replace. The assembly should be installed vertically to ensure free drainage.

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