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Adsorption Dryer

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: KBW10~-4000

  • Brand:YDGET

  • Structure:Air Flow Drier

  • Operational Method:Continuous

  • Operation Pressure:0.7~5.0mpa

  • Heating Mode:Heatless Regenerative

  • Movement Way:Combined

  • Working Pressure:0.7~1.0mpa

  • Inlet Temperature:Less Than 38 Centigrade

  • Outlet Dew Point:Less Than -40 Centigrade

  • High Pressure:1.0~5.0 Can Be Ordred

  • Air Loss: Less Than 13%

Product Description

1. The excellent design of the two tower 
It can ensure activated aluminum oxide contact time enough to dry the saturated wet air entering in dryer to the needed dew point, 30% extra desiccative can compensate the desiccative consumption and ensure the life time, then guarantee the best performance

2. Adopts the large scale diffuser
To ensure the air stream well proportioned to get through the desiccative level

3. Reliable controlling system
3.1 Within 10 minutes period dry the compressed air to very low dew point of -40 centigrade or within 4 minutes period dry to -70 centigrade, and can be conditioned at site
3.2 Micro CPU control way, and the PLC control is optional

4. System Pressure drop is lower than 0.02MPa

5. Easily operation & easily maintenance
Power on-off switch, the period mode setting, power on light, regenerative on light

Technical specification: 
Rated Inlet Temperature: Less than 38 centigrade
Maximum inlet temperature: 49 centigrade
Inlet oil content: Less than 0.1ppm
Outlet Pressure Dew Point: -40 (70 centigrade below zero is optional) 
Adsorbent: Activated alumina or molecular sieve 
Rated Working Pressure: 0.6~1.0MPa(1.0MPa or above is optional)
Pressure loss: 0.02MPa
Control Model: CPU (standard configuration), PLC is optional 
Working Mode: Automatic switching between tower A and tower B, continuous working 
Regeneration Way: Heatless regenerative
Regeneration Air Consumption: 14%
Cycle Period: 4~10min, adjustable
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz

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