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Advantages Of Activated Carbon Filter

The work of the activated carbon filter is done by the carbon bed. The activated carbon particles that make up the carbon bed have very large pores and huge specific surface area, and have strong physical adsorption capacity. Water through the carbon bed, organic pollutants in water by activated carbon adsorption. In addition, the non-crystalline part of the surface of the activated carbon has some oxygen-containing groups, so that the organic pollutants in the water through the carbon bed are effectively adsorbed by the activated carbon. Activated carbon filter is a more commonly used water treatment equipment, as a water treatment desalination system pretreatment can effectively guarantee the service life of the latter class equipment, improve the water quality, to prevent pollution, especially to prevent post-reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resin Free aerobic poisoning.


1, high efficiency: 24 hours of continuous work, without downtime backwash.

2, low operating costs: no high-head large flow of backwash pump.

3, low maintenance costs: in the course of its operation in addition to quartz sand filter without any rotating parts, low failure rate, maintenance costs.

4, a one-time investment is low: no single set of concrete pool, clarification pool and other facilities, no backwash pump and electric, pneumatic valves and other equipment, the amount of small, one-time investment.

5, the head loss: a single filter and filter cleaning in a timely manner, the head loss is small, the total head loss ≤ 0.5m.

6, the water quality requirements of loose: long-term tolerance of 150mg / L concentration of SS water quality, short-term withstand 300mg / L concentration SS impact and water quality unchanged.

7, the water quality and stability, good filtering effect. Filter clean and timely, can guarantee high quality, stable water effect, no cyclical water quality fluctuations.

8, easy to expand: the unit operation mode can be used according to changes in water flexibility to increase or delete the number of filters, easy to expand.

9, covers an area of small, beautiful appearance: the traditional three-stage reclaimed water treatment process as a whole, saving about 70-80% of the land; appearance more beautiful and compact.

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