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Compressed Air Refrigerated Air Dryer

Yuanda KAD Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer 
3.1 Working Principle
Refrigerated dryers remove moisture from compressed air to a certain dew point temperature. The temperature to which air can be cooled before water vapor begins to condense.  A separator used to separate gas and liquid, and then water discharged by automatic drain valve to achieve the purpose of frozen dehumidifier. Meanwhile, over 3μ dust solid ingredients and micro-oil content in the compressed air are filtered out to ensure the quality clean, dry air.
3.2 Technical Features
+ Adopt international famous brand refrigeration compressor, stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption.
+ Refrigeration parts using Denmark. Danfoss (DANFOSS) brand.
+ Compressed air flows through parts for spray treatment.
+ Unique design of gas-liquid separation, sewage thoroughly. 
3.3 Air Cool Air Dryer Technical Data
+ Working Pressure: 0.2~1.0MPa(1.0~3.0MPa is available)
+ Dew Point: ≤-23ºC
+ Cooling:  Air Cool
+ Inlet Air Temperature: ≤45ºC
+ Ambient Temperature: ≤38ºC


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