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Deoxygenation Carbon Purification Device

KNC Carbon Purification Device

Working Principle

Under certain temperature, the residual oxygen in nitrogen will oxidize with carbon catalyst for carbon dioxide which can be removed by pressure swing adsorption process, and then after purify process to obtain high-purity nitrogen.

Technical Data

+ Nitrogen output: 10Nm3/ h-3000Nm3/ h

+ Nitrogen purity: 99.999-99.9999%

+ Oxygen content: 1-10 PPm

+ Dew point: less than - 60 degree

+ Dust content: less than0.01μm

Technical Features

+ High stability, low oxygen content, can be controlled within 1 PPm.

+ High nitrogen purity: more than 99.9999%.

+ Low water content, atmospheric dew point less than - 60 degree.

+ No hydrogen, suitable for strict requirements for hydrogen, oxygen process

How to get a prompt quotation?

Just send us the following data, we will provide the most suitable nitrogen generator proposal for you. Do not hesitate to send us mail.

1) N2 flow rate:    _____Nm3/hr

2) N2 purity:     _____%

3) N2 discharge pressure:    _____Bar

4) Voltages and Frequency:   ______V/PH/HZ

5) Nitrogen Application.

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