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Development Of Large Medical Oxygen Generator In China

Medical oxygen generator is usually used for oxygen supply in large hospitals. Medical molecular sieve oxygen equipment using air as raw materials, using molecular sieve as adsorbent, by pressure swing adsorption (PSA), at normal temperature and low pressure conditions, the use of molecular sieve pressure of the nitrogen in the air (adsorbate) adsorption capacity increased, characteristics of decompression to reduce nitrogen adsorption capacity in the air, forming rapid cycle pressure adsorption, vacuum desorption, oxygen and nitrogen in the air separation. The carbon dioxide, gaseous acid and other gaseous oxides in the air belong to strong molecular polarity substances, and it is difficult to pass the molecular sieve, so that the purity of the oxygen produced oxygen is up to 93% + 3%.

The first "molecular sieve" oxygen generator was first made by the German Linde Company, and it was almost 100 years ago.

Our country of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen technology development started earlier, from the beginning of 1966 air separation oxygen technology of zeolite molecular sieve; 1970s PSA air separation oxygen in steel, smelting and glass kiln and other industrial fields has been widely used. For more than 20 years, due to the dispersion of technical power and the lack of contact between each other, the technology of PSA oxygen generation in China has been developing slowly, and the gap with foreign countries is increasing. In 1970s, China's PSA separation air oxygen generation technology development peak period, more than ten units nationwide have carried out the experimental research of PSA oxygen generation technology, set up several sets of industrial test equipment.

In 1980s, the original R & D projects of pressure swing adsorption and oxygen making equipment were suspended, and the development of PSA technology in our country entered the trough again.

In 1995, Kunshan Jinhu machinery limited company built VPSAO 1000Nm3/h oxygen making machine in Henan steel factory in Luoyang, marking the formal entry into the PSA industry in our country, also marks the PSA entered a period of rapid development in our country.

1990s is the period of rapid development of PSA technology in China. PSA technology is gradually mature, and the comprehensive technical and economic indexes of some products have reached the advanced level of foreign countries.

The first host oxygen machine is a single tower structure, that is we often say that a generation of machine, production efficiency of oxygen generation machine is low, can not circulate oxygen, noise, the area is also relatively wide, the need for pressure vessel license, the market has been basically out of the oxygen making host single tower. With the continuous progress of science and technology, Twin Towers and tower structure (the two generation) of the oxygen producing host has been basically popularized, the oxygen generation machine process has improved, to intermittent oxygen cycle, but still need to handle the pressure vessel license. Hunan Tairui medical first launched the third generation of intelligent modular oxygen machine in China, whether it is the concentration of oxygen production and precision, are compared with the one or two generation machine has been greatly improved, but also asymmetric uninterrupted circulating oxygen, low noise, small occupied area, and are not subject to the pressure vessel permit.

With the development of molecular sieve oxygen, technology specification and support of relevant national policies, large medical institutions has been basically using molecular sieve oxygen generator and oxygen supply, I believe will be more widely used in future molecular sieve oxygen making machine. Hope to be helpful to you.

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