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Emergency Treatment Scheme For Nitrogen Making Machine Failure

The nitrogen making machine is now used more in production, but once the nitrogen making machine fails, it needs to be overhauled in time. Below the company according to the daily nitrogen machine frequently occurring fault emergency treatment method summarized as follows, I hope to help you.

1, the decline of product quality or the decline of production capacity may be due to the decrease of adsorption pressure of nitrogen making machine, the release of pressure from air to air within 5-20 seconds, and internal leakage. At this time, we need to improve the adsorption capacity of the nitrogen making machine, so we can clean the filter screen of the muffler. If the carbon molecular sieve is very serious, it needs to be replaced.

2, if the production system of the whole nitrogen making machine is abnormal, it is necessary to suspend the operation of the equipment at this time, and know the reason for the whole fault.

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