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Energy saving Regeneration Compressed Air Dryer

KBH Micro-heat Regeneration Compressed Air Dryer
Working principle 

Absorb the advantages of thermal regenerative and non-thermal regenerative dryer, the regeneration gas at high temperature regenerate the desiccant and improve the regeneration effect and reduce gas consumption.
Technical Features 
+ Imported PLC intelligent controller, stable and reliable.
+ Flange filling mouth, easy replacement. 
+ Unique endoscopy design, easy supervises for operation. 
+ Advanced pneumatic valve ensure more than one million times of continuous use. 
+ Special airflow diffuser to ensure the using life of the desiccant.
Technical Data
+ Working Pressure: 0.4~1.0MPa(1.0~3.0MPa is available)
+ Dew Point: -40℃(-40℃~-73℃MPa is available)
+ Inlet Air Temperature: ≤50℃
+ Regeneration Gas Consumption:≤4~6%
+ Pressure Loss:≤0.02MP
+ Operating cycle : 120~240 min 

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