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Heatless Adsorption Air Dryer (RSXJ)

Product Detail

  • Trademark: YUANDA

  • Specification:ISO, CE, PED

  • Origin: Zhejiang China

  • HS Code:8419399090

Product Description

Compressed air is polluted with dirt particles, water, oil, oil vapor and condensate. These contaminants result in high maintenance costs, premature wear, spoiled products and the failure of control systems. This regenerative twin-tower dryer will effectively remove these contaminants.

The adsorption principle used in this design is simple, robust and flexible. Continuous drying is accomplished by the operation of 2 desiccant towers. Compressed air is dried through one tower while the other desiccant tower is being regenerated.

The regeneration heating cycle of the desiccant is accomplished using a dry air purge flow heated by an external electric heater. The regeneration cooling cycle is performed using the same flow of dry compressed air taken from the dryer outlet to ensure accurate dew point performance.

By using proven engineering technology and components, this equipment is extremely reliable.

1) Low running cost, low pressure drop and steady dew point
2) Easy to install and maintain
3) Ideal for high environmental temperatures
4) Microprocessor control
5) Suitable for a range of air compressors
6) Custom designs welcome

As is known to all, air dryers are of variety. Taking regenerative compressed air dryers for example, we have KBW heatless dryer unit, KBH heated dryer package, KBHB series heated blower air dryer, And they have applications in many fields. We have heatless compressed air dryer system with SIEMENS PLC controller for air compressor, 15 -200m3/min KBH series heated blower air dryer for steel factory, 2014 CE low dew point combination air dryer for marine, CE TUV 3% purge loss KBW series heated blower air dryer for electronics factory, professional adsorption heatless air dryers with active alumina & molecular sieve for nitrogen plant factory, CE Energy saving adsorption dryer for metallurgy, regenerative air dryer for IR compressor, regenerated air dryer for air compressor, 10barg regeneration desiccant compressed air dryers and filters system for electronics, activated alumina air dryer for transportation, RS blower heat type air dryer with low purge loss for textile etc. Year after year, we provide our movable compressed desiccant  

Power supply220V/1Ph/50Hz
Nominal power0.2KW
Air connectionsDN65
Working pressure0.7MPa
Ambient temperature38oc
Inlet temperature38oc
Cycle time10min
Regeneration air consumption<14%
ControlSiemens PLC

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