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high performance Air-Cooled Refrigeration Air Dryer

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: KAD-HF/KAD-HW

  • Operational Method: Continuous

  • Drying Medium: Compressed Air

  • Heating Mode: Not Required

  • Type of Flow: Parallel Flow

  • Sprayer: Not Required

  • Origin: Zhejiang, China

  • Structure: Air Flow Drier

  • Operation Pressure: Greater Than 0.1bar

  • Appearance of Dried Sample: Gas

  • Movement Way: Fluid

  • Type of Atomization: No

  • Trademark: Yuanda

Product Description
Technical Features
-KAD-HF/KAD-HW freeze dryers offer design features to reduce energy consumption and improve reliability
-Aluminum brazed plate heat exchanger

Standard Working Conditions 
Air inlet temperature:≤70°C(Max 75°C)
Ambient Temperature: 2°C-40°C
Working Pressure: 0.4-1.0Mpa(Max 1.2Mpa,Other available on request)
Refrigerant: R22 (R407C,R134A can be customized)
Pressure Dew point: 2-10°C (0.7Mpa at standard design)
Special power supply
ModelFlow CapacityInlet&Outlet ConnectionPower Supply VoltageRated PowerDimensions(HxWxL)Net Weight(kg)
Nm 3 /mininchV/Ph/Hzkwmm
KAD-050.8 220-240/1/500.3560043049024
KAD-10 1.3 220-240/1/500.7065028066047
KAD-15 1.8 220-240/1/500.7365028066050
KAD-20 2.6G 1''220-240/1/500.8073030068060
KDA-30 3.8G 1 ''220-240/1/500.8083034080071
KAD-50 7.0G 1 ''220-240/1/501.35940500970120
KAD-75 10.6G 2 ''220-240/1/502.1710405401140158
KAD-100 14.5G 2 ''220-240/1/502.5810255601370188
KAD-150 18.0G 2''380/3/503.3810806301500256
KAD-200 25.0DN80380/3/504.2512007101540294
KAD-250 29.0DN80380/3/504.5012007101540330
KAD-300 36.5DN80380/3/506.7614307902050465
KAD-350 40.0DN100380/3/508.2614307902050475
KAD-400 45.0DN100380/3/508.5016701820930585
KAD-450 50.0DN100380/3/5010.016701820930600
KAD-500 55.0DN100380/3/5011.518202010930750

The above parameters are subject to change failed to notify forgive me, The Company reserves the right to interpret the unknown place, please contact me
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