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High Quality Nitrogen making machine

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:KNA

  • Certification:ISO

  • Noise Level:High

  • Type: Air Ionizer

  • Usage: Industry

  • Purifying Technology: HEPA

  • Air Volume:301-400m3/h

  • Power Source:Electrical

  • Operating Principle:Active + Passive

  • Structure:Floor Standing

  • Anion Density:>4000000pcs/m3;

  • as Custopmer Request:Different Size

  • Trademark: YUANDA

  • Specification: different model

  • Origin:Hangzhou Fuyang

Product Description

Working   Principle
Under the action of catalytic agent,oxygen in the low-purity nitrogen and hydrogen added into  the system generate water  after combustion reaction.After re moving the residual oxygen and further denitrification ,it goes into   drying system to dehydrate  deeply and high-purity nitrogen is produced.

Technical Features
Automatic nitrogen-adding and -proportioning device with national patented technology has high control  precision and reliable safety.
Energy - saving technique with  national patented technology makes the energy consumption of the system reduce  greatly.
Automatic venting device  with national  patented technology ensures the quality  of the produced nitrogen.
Key parts of the system adopt  the famous brand,which is the effective guarantee of the equipment quality.
It has functions of diagnosis,alarming and automatic troubleshooting of several failures.
The centralized monitoring  system can provide centralized monitoring of the auxiliary equipments such as nitrogen   PSA equipment,nitrogen  production device,etc.
DCS   communication interface is optional.

1) Purity: 95-99.9999%
2) Capacity: 5-8000Nm3/h
3) Pressure out: 0-0.8Mpa (1.0~15.0MPa is also available)
4) Dew point: -45 degree-- -70

How to get a prompt quotation?

Do not hesitate to send us mail with the following data.

1) N2 flow rate:    _____Nm3/hr

2) N2 purity:     _____%

3) N2 discharge pressure:    _____Bar

4) Voltages and Frequency:   ______V/PH/HZ

5) Nitrogen Application.


Applications of nitrogen generators

Food and beverage industries

The moment food or beverages are produced, or fruits and vegetables harvested, an aging process kicks in until the complete decay of the products. This is caused by bacteria and other organisms. Generators are used to flood the products with N2 that takes out the oxygen and prolongs the product lifetime significantly because these organisms cannot develop. Furthermore, chemical degradation of food caused by oxidation can be eliminated or stopped.


Analytical chemistry

Nitrogen generators are required for various forms of Analytical chemistry such as Liquid chromatographymass spectrometry and Gas Chromatography where a stable and continuous supply of Nitrogen is necessary.


Aircraft & motor vehicle tires

Although air is 78% Nitrogen, most aircraft tires are filled with nitrogen, and there are many tire and automotive shops with nitrogen generators to fill tires, the advantage being that nitrogen in a tank is dry. Often a compressed air tank will have water in it that comes from atmospheric water vapor condensing in the tank after leaving the air compressor. Also, nitrogen is said to  maintain a more stable pressure when heated and cooled[citation needed] and is said[citation needed] to be a larger molecule (109.76 pm) so doesn't permeate the tire as easily as O2[citation needed] (120.74 pm) and Argon.


Chemical and petrochemical industries

The primary and very important application of nitrogen in chemical and petrochemical industries is the provision of inert environment aimed at ensuring general industrial safety during cleaning and protection of process vessels. Besides, nitrogen is used for pipelines pressure testing, chemical agents transportation, and regeneration of used catalysts in technological processes.



In electronics, nitrogen serves as an antioxidant in the manufacture of semi-conductors and electric circuits, heat treatment of finished products, as well as in blowing and cleaning.


Glass industry

In the glass production, nitrogen proves efficient as a cooling agent for bow oven electrodes, oxidation inhibitor during process procedures, as well as air cooler.



The metal industry generally utilizes nitrogen as a means of protecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals during annealing. Also, nitrogen is helpful in such standard industry processes as neutral tempering, cementing, hard brazing, stress relieving, cyanide hardening, metal-powder sintering and extrusion die cooling.


Paint-and-varnish industry

Paint and varnish production uses nitrogen for the creation of an inert environment in process vessels to ensure safety, as well as for oxygen displacement during packing in order to prevent polymerization of drying oils.


Petroleum industry

In the petroleum industry, nitrogen is an indispensable component in a number of processes. Most commonly, nitrogen is used to create an inert environment for preventing explosions and for fire safety and to support transportation and transfer of hydrocarbons. Additionally, nitrogen is used for pipeline testing and purging, cleaning technological vessels and cleaning liquefied gas carriers and hydrocarbon storage facilities.


Pharmaceutical industry

In pharmaceutical industry, nitrogen finds application in pharmaceuticals packaging, and ensuring against explosion and fire safety in activities where fine dispersed substances are used.


Hypoxic air fire prevention system

Nitrogen generators are used in hypoxic air fire prevention systems to produce air with a low oxygen content.

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