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How To Choose Compressed Air Dryer

A compressed air dryer is a water vapor device used to compress air, which is usually used in industrial and commercial applications. The optional compressed air dryer is mainly based on the dew point of the compressed air. There are two varieties of compressed air dryers currently available on the market. One is a regenerative adsorption dryer and the other is a refrigerated dryer. So how do you choose a compressed air dryer?

The criteria for the selection of the adsorbent dryer are selected depending on the application. Generally, the level of compressed air can be divided into six grades, that is, dew point need to be below those temperatures, this time must use the adsorption dryer to reduce the moisture in the air. However, some occasions for the compressed air dew point requirements are not very high, so it can also use the adsorption dryer. Such as photographic film and micro-chip, precision spraying these areas using adsorption dryer is very good, in addition, adsorption dryer related to the regeneration of the way, this is also a need to pay attention to the problem, the general adsorption dryer type of the main product Gas dew point and renewable energy consumption two, we in the purchase, you can start from these two aspects to consider.

When the freezer is purchased, it is necessary to take into account its parameters, such as maximum flow, minimum working pressure and maximum working pressure. The smaller the pressure, the greater the water content in the natural air. In addition, also need to take into account the frozen dryer inlet temperature and dew point temperature, which are the basis of the parameters, everyone in the purchase of frozen dryer, must take into account the aspects. Of course, these parameters are the primary consideration, select the parameters, you need to consider the air-cooled or water-cooled dryer. General air-cooled type of environmental requirements higher, the installation is more complex, not suitable for all occasions to install. Water-cooled dryer installation is relatively simple, the environment is not so strict requirements, so many factories also like to install water-cooled air dryer.

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