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Method Of Using Air Dryer

The compressed air passes through the central air inlet through the air pressure regulating valve, and filters the liquid water through the lower filter core, and then absorbs the gaseous water through the desiccant of the drying box. The drying compressed air enters the upper blowing chamber through a one-way spherical throttling valve, and then enters the air reservoir through an outlet one-way valve of the blowing chamber. By filtration and absorption of water accumulated in the dryer is lower when the air pressure of the air storage tank rises to a certain value, the pressure regulating valve through the dryer inlet to the central discharge valve at the lower part of the dryer a signal pressure, open the discharge valve, then the compressed air blowing dryer chamber by reverse one-way throttle valve, will accumulate the water blow dryer, to meet the emissions requirements. The thermostat and heater aid drying.


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