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Nitrogen Purification Equipment of Air Separation Units

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: KNC

  • Trademark: Yuanda

  • Specification:as customer request

  • Origin:Fuyang Hangzhou

Product Description
Working Principle
Under certain temperature,the residual oxygen in the low-purity  nitrogen and the carbon provided by carbon catalytic generate CO2 after nitridation of C+O2=CO2.After removing the CO2 by PSA technique and further    denitrification ,high-purity nitrogen is produced.
Technical Features
There is no H2 in it and it is suitable for use in the occasions which have strict requirement for H2 and O2.
High-efficiency and energy-saving technique makes the energy consumption of the system reduce greatly.
The deaerator adopts two-tower   structure and adding and replacing of carbon catalytic agent   can be done under non-stopping state.
Automatic venting device  with national patented technology  ensure s the quality of the produced nitrogen.
The key parts in the system  adopt the famous brand,which is the effective guarantee of the equipment quality.
It ha s functions of diagnosis,alarming and automatic troubleshooting  for several  failures.

Technical Indexes
Nitrogen Output:10~500Nm3/ h            
Nitrogen Purity :  < 99.9995%
Oxygen Content:  <5 ppm
Carbon  Dioxide Content: <  1  ppm
Dew Point:  <-60°C

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