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Operation Method Of Nitrogen Making Machine

1. opening

1.1. turn off the power supply of the cold dryer, pre cooling for 3-5 minutes.

The 1.2. air compressor is open and the compressed air is treated with cold dryer and filter into the air tank, and the pressure gauge indicates a gradual increase.

When the air pressure tank of the 1.3. is raised to 0.6 MPa, turn the power switch on the control cabinet and start the pressure swing adsorption nitrogen making machine, and then enter the normal operation state.

When the pressure of nitrogen storage tank reaches 0.6MPa, then slowly turn over the 1.4. open air valve. Then we can investigate the rising of the flowmeter float and adjust the nitrogen flow rate for the user demand flow.

1.5. open the sampling valve, the flow conditioning for 400ML/MIN, survey analysis of nitrogen nitrogen content target device, pay attention to the sample flow is not too large, as small as possible, the pressure is 0.1-0.2, half an hour after the general, in stable condition, conditioning nitrogen outlet flow regulating valve, the nitrogen purity of conditioning.

When the 1.6. system operates, watch out for the switching of the nitrogen system (which can be changed according to the indication of the pressure gauge and the action indication of the operation process).

2. shutdown

Normal parking process of 2.1. equipment

A) the power switch of the closed nitrogen machine.

B) closed nitrogen supply valves, other valves do not have to be closed. If the valves are not necessary for a long time, the valves are closed.

C) the power switch of the closed cold dryer.

D) the power supply of a closed air compressor (such as air compressor for other equipment does not need to turn off).

E) closed into the compressed air valve of the nitrogen making machine.

F) cut off the power supply of the system if it is not necessary for a long time

2.2. emergency parking process

A) the power switch of the closed nitrogen machine.

B) closed flowmeter downflow valve.

C) close the power switch of the air compressor and the cold dry machine. Close the nitrogen gas supply valve. Close the compressed air valve entering the nitrogen making machine. Open the air, and the nitrogen buffer tank drain valve is emptied.

3. operation attention:

According to the gas pressure and gas consumption, the 3.1. can adjust the pressure regulating valve in front of the flowmeter and the nitrogen producing valve after the flowmeter, and do not adjust the flow at will, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

3.2. air intake valve and nitrogen gas producing valve should not be too large to ensure the best purity.

3.3. debugger adjust the good valve not to roll freely to avoid the influence of purity.

3.4. not arbitrarily move electrical parts within the cabinet, do not arbitrarily pneumatic pipe valve,

The 3.5. operator should keep the pressure gauge on the investigation machine and make a daily record of the pressure change for the analysis of the equipment.

3.6. regularly investigates outlet pressure, flowmeter indication and nitrogen purity. Compared with the value of the performance page, we find that the problem is solved in time.

3.7. complete the daily operation records.

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