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Prevention Measures Of Combustion And Explosion Of Liquid Oxygen Pump In Nitrogen Making Machine

First, ensure the manufacturing structure of nitrogen making machine, keep the motor and pump shaft away as far as possible and seal parts with non-ferrous metals, so as to prevent sparks.

1, before the cooling of the liquid oxygen pump is started, the blow off valve should be opened. First, the labyrinth seal is used to blow up 10 to 20min at normal temperature and nitrogen. On the one hand, the oxygen is expelled and the seal is restored to the normal temperature gap.

2, barring, determine fault, start the pump, pay attention to whether the pump inlet pressure stability, such as pressure fluctuation or outlet pressure does not rise, may lead to cavitation phenomenon, must open the upper pump exhaust valve, cooling to liquid oxygen pump, pressure tends to be stable, and then control the seal gas pressure than before sealing high pressure 01005 0101MPa; 3, first pass into the seal gas, nitrogen machine will adjust to the appropriate pressure, then open the inlet and outlet of the pump valve, let the liquid into the pump cooling, the seal gas pressure must be higher than the inlet pressure is about 0105MPa.

Nitrogen machine normal operation and maintenance: 1, check the operation of liquid oxygen pump 1 times per 2H; 2, check the inlet and outlet pressure and sealing gas pressure of 1 times nitrogen making machine, whether the flow is normal and whether there is gas liquid leakage every 1H. As well as bearing temperature and motor temperature on pump side, the bearing temperature should be controlled at - 25 C to 70 C; 3, the inlet valve should not be closed during the operation of liquid oxygen pump, and the sealing gas must not be interrupted, and it should be adjusted at any time.

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