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PSA Oxygen Generator

PSA Industrial Oxygen Generator Components:

1, compressed air purification components

Air compressor to provide compressed air first into the compressed air purification components, compressed air first by the pipeline filter to remove most of the oil, water, dust, and then by the freeze dryer to further water, fine filter degreasing, dust, And by the ultra-fine filter followed by the depth of purification. According to the system conditions, Reid designed a set of compressed air degreaser, used to prevent the possible emergence of trace oil penetration, molecular sieve to provide adequate protection. The rigorous air purification components ensure the life of the molecular sieve. Clean air treated with this unit can be used for instrument air.

2, air tank

The effect of the air tank is to reduce the pulsation of the air flow and to mitigate the pressure fluctuation of the system so that the compressed air is smoothly passed through the compressed air purifying component so as to sufficiently remove the oil-water impurities and reduce the load of the subsequent PSA oxygen-nitrogen separation unit. At the same time, it also provides a large amount of compressed air required for the rapid increase of the PSA oxygen-nitrogen separation device in the adsorption tower, so that the pressure in the adsorption tower rises quickly to the working pressure, which ensures the equipment is reliable and stable run.

3, oxygen and nitrogen separation device

A dedicated molecular sieve adsorption tower with A, B two. When the clean compressed air into the A tower inlet side through the molecular sieve to the outlet side of the flow, N2 is its adsorption, the product oxygen from the outlet of the adsorption tower out. After a period of time, the molecular sieve in the A tower is saturated. At this time, A tower automatically stop adsorption, compressed air into the B tower for nitrogen and oxygen, and A tower molecular sieve regeneration. The regeneration of the molecular sieve is achieved by rapidly lowering the adsorption column to atmospheric adsorption of adsorbed N2. Two towers alternately adsorption and regeneration, complete oxygen and nitrogen separation, continuous output of oxygen. The above process is controlled by a programmable controller (PLC). When the oxygen level of the oxygen point of the set value, the PLC program, automatic vent valve open, the oxygen will automatically empty, to ensure that the oxygen does not flow to the gas point. When the gas is vented, the noise is less than 75dBA by using the silencer.

4, oxygen buffer tank

The oxygen buffer tank is used to equalize the pressure and purity of the oxygen separated from the nitrogen-oxygen separation system, ensuring continuous supply of oxygen. At the same time, in the adsorption tower to work after the switch, it will part of its own gas back to the adsorption tower, on the one hand to help the adsorption tower boost, also play a role in protecting the bed, in the equipment work process plays a very important process Supporting role.

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