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PSA Oxygen Generator with Competitive Price

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: KOB

  • Purpose: Gas separation

  • Application Fields: Medical

  • Machine Size: Small

  • Certification: ISO, CE, SGS, CCS, TS, BV, ABS

  • Standand: Customized

  • Dew Point: -45degree

  • Purity: 93% 

  • Voltlage: 220V/380V,50/60Hz, others customized

  • Business Type: Manufaturing Factory

  • Package: Customized

  • Origin: China

  • Usage: Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Ozone

  • Parts: Adsorption Tower

  • Noise Level: Ultra Low

  • Condition: New

  • Name: PSA Oxygen Generator with Competitive Price

  • Pressure: 4-7 Bar (Customized)

  • Capacity: 1-500Nm3/h

  • Life: 10 years

  • Theory: Pressure Swing Adsorption

  • Trademark: YUANDA

  • Specification: Customized

  • HS Code: 84196090

PSA Oxygen Generator with Competitive Price


PSA Oxygen Generator with Competitive Price, uses clean compressed air as raw material and zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) as sorbent, to produce oxygen gas with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology in normal temperature. Comparing with oxygen, nitrogen is preferentially adsorbed by ZMS while at high pressure. ZMS releases adsorbed nitrogen at low pressure, which is called regeneration. The oil-free and dust free compressed air enters one of the two adsorption towers filled with ZMS. Nitrogen is adsorbed ZMS micro pores and then retained and leaves oxygen as product gas. When ZMS in one tower is saturated with nitrogen, the adsorption tower is depressurized and ZMS is regenerated for next cycle. While one tower finishes the cycle, the other adsorption tower starts to work. With control on/off state of the pneumatic valve by PLC, to separate nitrogen and oxygen gas, and create continuous flow of oxygen with required purity.


1.  Full Automation

     All systems are designed for un-attended operation and automatic Oxygen demand adjustment.

 2.  Lower Space Requirement

    The design and Instrumentation makes the plant size very compact, assembly on skids, prefabricated and supplied from factory.         

3.  Fast Start-up

    Start-up time is about 30 minutes to get desired Oxygen purity. So these units can be switched ON & OFF as per Oxygen demand changes.

4.  High Reliability

    It's very reliable for continuous and steady operation with constant Oxygen purity. Plant availability time is better than 93% always.

5.  Zeolite Molecular Sieves Life

    Expected Zeolite Molecular Sieves life is more than 10-years i.e. whole life time of Oxygen plant. So no replacement costs.

6.  Low investment and energy consumption

7.  Simple operation and maintenance

Technical Data
Resource: Air 
Pressure:4-7 bar
Pressure dew point: <-10degree
Oil content <;0.003mg/m3 
Air -change with the Nitrogen&Oxygen
Normal pressure dew point:<-45degree 
Purity: 93% 
Nitrogen capacity: 1-500Nm3/H 

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