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Refrigerated Air Dryer (12.5hp)

Working Principle

Refrigerated dryers remove moisture from compressed air to a certain dew point temperature. The temperature to which air

can  be  cooled  before  water  vapor  begins  to  condense.   A  separator  used  to  separate  gas  and  li quid,  and  then  water 

discharged by automatic drain valve to achieve the purpose of frozen dehumidifier. Meanwhile, over 3μ dust solid ingredients  and

micro- oil content in the compressed air are filtered out to ensure the quality clean, dry air.

Technical Features

+  Adopt international famous brand refrigeration compressor, stable 

operation, low noise, low energy consumption. 

+ Refrigeration parts using Denmark. Danfoss (DANFOSS) brand. 

+ Compressed air flows through parts for spray treatment. 

+ Unique design of gas-liquid separation, sewage 


Water Cool Air Dryer Technical Data

+  Working  Pressure:  0.2~ 1.0MPa( 1.0~ 3.0MPa  is 


+  Dew  Point: ≤-23℃

+  Cooling: Water  Cool

+  Inlet  Air  Temperature: ≤45℃

+  Inlet  Water  Temperature: ≤32℃

+  Inlet Water Pressure: 0.2~0.4MPa

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