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Supplier of High Purity Nitrogen Gas Generator

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: KNA

  • Certification: CE,   ISO, CCC

  • Standard: Standard

  • N2 Capacity: 3~8000 Nm3/H

  • Dew Point: D-40

  • Specification: Certificate: ISO9001: 2008

  • HS Code: 8419601900

  • Gas Source: Gas

  • Power: 50-200kW

  • N2 Purity: 95~99.9995%

  • N2 Pressure: 0.1~0.6MPa

  • Trademark: YUANDA

  • Origin: Zhejiang, China

Product Description

High Purity Nitrogen Generator

1. Steady-going, Long life-span
2. Excellent Energy-Saving
3. Highly Automated Operation
4. High Purity

Application Overviews

In the reflow soldering of SMT, nitrogen gas is charged into reflow furnace. The following advantages of soldering are listed in the nitrogen atmosphere:
1. The quality of soldering is enhanced with the prevention of surface oxidation.
2. The flux is guaranteed to the correct activation.
3. The surface of soldering is more handsome.


YUANDA nitrogen equipment has 4 advantages in PSA nitorgen equipment field, manufacturing energy-saving nitrogen equipment.

As follow:

1. High purity.
The 99.9999% nitrogen gas is produced in one-time procedure without purification devices.
YUANDA SMT Nitrogen Generator produces the high-purity N2 preponderate over 99.9995% in one-time, which depends on the professional molecular sieve and special high-purity technics flow.

2. Excellent energy-saving
Unique distribution of gas flow, advanced energy-saving technology, excellent molecular sieve make YUANDA SMT Nitrogen Generator energy-saving achieve 10~20% than other do.

3. Steady-going, long life-span
Unique clamping cylinder technology effectively extending the life of molecular sieve.

4. High degree of automation
The automatic control technology could switch machines with one key, and have remote and centralized operation with nobody control.

Why Choose YUANDA Nitrogen Generator?

1. Convenient to install
2. More economic than other nitrogen supplying methods
3. The macaronis design realizes the automatic running
4. Peak value / the security system of the trouble
5. The high-quality components and parts are the reliable assurance of steady operation
6. Nitrogen content shows in succession, equipping the transfinite automatic alarm system
7. The high-quality carbon molecular sieve
8. The advanced loading technology guarantees the service life of equipments
9. The automatic alarm system for sinking of the carbon molecule sieve
10. The unqualified nitrogen automatic emptying system
11. Differential pressure indication, concentrating blow down system

12. The unique inter-circle switching techniques' of system

13. over 20 years in Gas engineering & Technology. 

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