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Technical Agreement Of Nitrogen Making Machine: Scope Of Application

In the use of each product is a technical content, so it is necessary for a product to be able to produce and sell for a long time and need technical support. For Chen Rui's oxygen making machine, it is very clear in the technology agreement that the technology is very important and has great legal effect, so it can't steal at any time, indicating patent technology.

The range of nitrogen machine technical agreement also wrote the main application, such as the protection of the gas in the heat treatment process of metal, chemical and industrial gases and purifying them, various storage pipe and rubber, while the production of plastic products will be used, also can exhaust in the food industry to do the packaging of fresh effect. Some of the more special things are the purification of the beverage industry and the use of the gas as a cover. Of course, such a good product in the medical industry is also very good. The different purity, stability, pressure, flow and so on meet the needs of different customers.

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