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Technical Development Of Oxygen Generator

First, in 1958, Skarstorm patented and applied the technology to separate the air. Meanwhile, Gerin DE Montgareuil and Domine are also applying for patents in France. The difference between the two is that Skarstorm circulates in the bed layer after adsorption, and then USES some low-pressure light product components to wash and desorption, while gerin-domine circulates through a vacuum-pumping solution.

In 1960, the industrial installation of air separation of large pressure - pressure adsorption was completed.

The process of recovering the n-alkane from kerosene distillate was perfected in 1964 by the process of recovering high purity from naphthenes from naphtha and named Isosiv process.

In 1966, the four tower process equipment was built using the technology of pressure change adsorption technology. After the 1970s, the multi-tower operation with more than four towers was adopted, and the development of large scale and large scale was made.

In 1970, the industrial equipment for the separation and recovery of oxygen was built, which was used for the biological and biochemical needs of environmental protection industrial wastewater. At the same time, it is widely used to extract n-alkanes from naphtha, and then isomerization to add isomerization products to gasoline fractions to improve the Hysomer process of octane.

In 1975, the process of using carbon molecular sieve to adsorb nitrogen was developed and industrialization was developed in 1976. Then, the technology of vacuum nitrogen preparation was adopted by using 5A zeolite molecular sieve. By 1983 Germany had produced a good carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen. By 1979, about half of the air dryers were using Skarstrom's pressure-varying adsorption process. Variable pressure adsorption is more effective in drying air or industrial gases than warming adsorption. In 1980, rapid pressure change adsorption process (also known as parameter pump pressure adsorption) was developed.

Since the 1990s, due to the tension of electric energy, the pressure of pressure adsorption and oxygen has occupied a place in the steelmaking and other fields.

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