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The Introduction Of Nitrogen Making Machine In Metallurgical Industry To Promote The Development Of Industry

Nitrogen making machines are widely used in powder metallurgy, metal heat treatment, magnetic materials, copper processing, powder reduction and so on. Nowadays, nitrogen making machines have been used in metallurgical industry. The nitrogen making machine made nitrogen with purity greater than 99.5% through the pressure swing adsorption nitrogen making machine. Through the combined use of nitrogen purification equipment, the purity of the nitrogen was greater than 99.9995% and dew point below -65 degrees. It is used for annealing protection atmosphere, sintering atmosphere, nitriding treatment, washing furnace and blowing gas.

The nitrogen making machine is mainly used in wave soldering, reflow welding, crystal, piezoelectricity, electronic ceramics, electronic copper strip, battery, electronic alloy material and so on. Electronic material industry nitrogen machine including main branch of many disciplines, piezoelectric crystal, semiconductor and lead-free soldering etc.. In addition to the use of the above industry, nitrogen making machines are widely used in many fields, such as coal, oil and oil transportation. With the development of science and technology and the development of society, the use of nitrogen is more and more widely. Field gas making (nitrogen making machine) has gradually replaced the traditional nitrogen supply mode such as liquid nitrogen evaporation, bottled nitrogen and so on, because of its advantages of low investment, low cost and convenient use.

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