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The Method Of Making Oxygen From Industry

The drainage method is suitable for the water-insoluble gas, the upward exhaust method is suitable for the gas which is heavier than the air (that is, the gas with the relative molecular mass greater than 29, the oxygen-oxygen equipment gas 32 can, the jar is put, Because the collection of gas than air heavier, it will squeeze out the air), down the exhaust method suitable for industrial oxygen equipment than air light gas, such as hydrogen, ammonia, wide mouth bottle reel into the bottom of the bottle.

Oxygen collection can be done using upwards exhaust and drainage

Hydrogen peroxide heating can produce oxygen, but the laboratory generally do not have, because it will produce a lot of water vapor, laboratory oxygen with a small oxygen plant heating potassium permanganate to produce potassium permanganate. Manganese chloride and oxygen, because no impurity gas is produced. The laboratory can also be heated with potassium chlorate and manganese dioxide (manganese dioxide as a catalyst) to produce potassium chloride and oxygen.

Industrial use of air pressure method (80% of the air is nitrogen, 20 percent is oxygen, the use of the two different boiling point)

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