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The Method Of Making Oxygen In Industry

Methods of preparing oxygen or hydrogen peroxide decomposition of Potassium Permanganate labs, has quick reaction, simple operation, easy to collect and other characteristics, but the cost is high, not mass production, can only be used in laboratory. Industrial production needs to consider whether the raw materials are readily available, the price is cheap, the cost is low, the production is large, and the environment is affected. The air contains about 21% oxygen, which is a cheap and readily available raw material for the production of oxygen.

The method of industrial oxygen production:

1. Air freezing separation

The main ingredients in the air are oxygen and nitrogen. The oxygen and air separation method is prepared from the air by the different boiling points of oxygen and nitrogen. First, air is pre cooled and purified (remove impurities such as moisture, carbon dioxide, acetylene, hydrocarbons and other impurities) and then compressed and cooled to make liquid air. Then, by using different boiling points of oxygen and nitrogen, the liquid air is repeatedly evaporated and condensed in the distillation column, and the oxygen and nitrogen are separated to get pure oxygen (99.6% purity) and pure nitrogen (99.9% purity). If some additional devices are added, the rare inert gases, such as argon, neon, helium, krypton, xenon and so on, can be extracted from the air. The oxygen produced by the air separation device is compressed by the compressor, and finally compressed oxygen is stored in a high-pressure cylinder, or transported directly to factories and workshops through pipelines. Using this method to produce oxygen, although the need for a complete set of equipment and strict safety operation technology, but the high yield, output per hour, the number of dry million cubic meters of oxygen, and consumed raw materials just do not buy, not without air transport, warehouse storage, since since 1903 developed the first air separation machine, the oxygen has been the most widely used method.

2. Molecular sieve oxygen production method (adsorption method)

Using the characteristics of nitrogen molecules greater than oxygen molecules, the oxygen in the air is separated by special molecular sieves. First of all, by forcing the compressor dry air through molecular sieve adsorber into vacuum, nitrogen molecules in the air by molecular sieve adsorption, oxygen into the adsorber, when the adsorber oxygen reaches a certain amount (the pressure reaches a certain level), can open the oxygen valve oxygen release. After a period of time, the nitrogen adsorbed by the molecular sieve gradually increased, the adsorption capacity weakened, and the purity of the output oxygen decreased. It was necessary to extract the nitrogen adsorbed on the molecular sieve by vacuum pump, then repeat the above process. This method of making oxygen is also called the adsorption method. The small oxygen making machine using the adsorption method of oxygen has been developed to facilitate the use of the family.

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