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The Method Of Prolonging The Service Life Of The Nitrogen Making Machine

The nitrogen making machine has now become a necessary equipment for many enterprises, but many workers know how to operate, but do not know how to maintain the equipment. For any machine, maintenance is very important, maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of the nitrogen making machine. In addition to maintenance, the correct use of the nitrogen making machine is also crucial to the extension of the machine equipment.

Operation flow interpretation: 1, close all the power switches, including the nitrogen making machine and nitrogen inlet valve and sampling valve, waiting for the complete pressure discharge end of the system and the pipe. The oxygen analyzer is sampled to adjust the pressure of the pressure reducing valve to 1.0bar, and the sampling flowmeter is regulated. The gas volume is adjusted to about 1. Attention should be paid to the amount of gas sampling should not be too large, and the purity of the nitrogen will start to be detected.

2, when the compressed air pressure is above 0.7MPa, the shut-off valve of nitrogen making machine can be opened. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to observe the pressure change of the adsorption tank and whether the operation of the pneumatic valve can work normally.

3, the pressure of the regenerating tower is zero, and the pressure of the two tower should be close to half of the pressure of the original work tower.

4. Close the whole system and all parts of the system. When the pressure of the adsorption tank of the nitrogen making machine reaches about 0.6MPa, the normal work of the nitrogen system is observed.

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