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The Principle Of Gas Generator

Instrument program control uses a high sensitivity, microcomputer automatic tracking system, cancel the regulator valve, to achieve a constant pressure, constant current, the pressure stability accuracy range of less than 0.001MPA, and according to the required amount of gas required to achieve full Adjustment, when the user stops gas, the instrument automatically stop hydrogen production, thus eliminating the phenomenon of overpressure system to ensure safety.

The gas generator is made by the principle of air separation according to the point catalysis method. One of the electrolytic cell is the use of fuel cell reverse process design. When the pressure is stable and pure raw material into the electrolysis tank, the oxygen in the air is adsorbed to obtain electrons and the role of water to produce hydroxide ions and migrate to the anode, and finally lost at the anode electrons to precipitate oxygen, so The oxygen in the air is constantly separated leaving only nitrogen. And with the gas output.

The use of this principle of a nitrogen generator, hydrogen generator, hydrogen and air one machine and other gas generator,

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