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The Use Of Nitrogen Generator System

Oil and gas industry-specific nitrogen-making equipment is applicable to the continent's oil and gas exploration, coastal and deep-sea oil and gas exploration in nitrogen protection, transmission, covering, nitrogen injection, rescue, maintenance, production and other areas of replacement. With high safety, adaptability, continuous production characteristics.

Chemical-specific industries such as petrochemical, coal chemical, salt chemical, natural gas, chemicals, fine chemicals, new materials and their extensions, such as nitrogen chemical processing industry, are mainly used for covering, clearing, replacing, cleaning, pressure delivery Mixing, chemical reaction, chemical fiber production, nitrogen protection and other fields.

Metallurgical industry dedicated nitrogen generator for heat treatment, bright annealing, thermal protection, powder metallurgy, copper and aluminum processing, magnetic sintering, precious metal processing, bearing production and other fields. High purity, part of the continuous production process contains a certain amount of hydrogen and nitrogen, light intensity increases.

Specific industry nitrogen used in coal mine fire, gas and dilution of the gas field, with the ground fixed, land movement, mobile underground three specifications, fully meet the different conditions of nitrogen.

Rubber tire industry-specific nitrogen equipment is suitable for rubber, tire production in the nitrogen, forming and other areas of the curing process. Especially in the production of all-steel radial truck tire, by the steam curing process has gradually replaced the nitrogen sulfide process. High nitrogen purity, continuous production, nitrogen pressure is high, and so on.

Food Specific industries Nitrogen applications Green food storage, packaging, vegetable food preservation, nitrogen filling (canned food) and preservation.

Flameproof nitrogen generators are suitable for chemical, oil and gas equipment, such as site explosion protection requirements.

The pharmaceutical industry-specific nitrogen machine is mainly used in the field of drug production, storage, packaging and packaging.

Electronic industry dedicated nitrogen equipment is suitable for electronic components, semiconductor packaging led, LCD liquid crystal display, lithium-ion battery production and other areas. Nitrogen generator with high purity and small size, low noise, low energy consumption.

Nitrogen containers for oil, natural gas, chemical and other related fields, namely, adaptive, and fluid handling.

Mobile nitrogen in the field of application of oil and gas extraction, pipeline purging, replacement, emergency rescue, flammable gases, liquids and other areas, into the low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure series dilution with operability, and operations can be moved, etc. Wait.

Tire nitrogen nitrogen machine, mainly used for automotive 4S shop, car repair factory car tire running nitrogen can extend tire life, reduce noise and fuel consumption.

To ensure that the nitrogen machine manufacturing structure in the first place, the motor and the pump shaft may be possible and sealed with non-ferrous metal to prevent sparks, will follow the strict rules of operation:

1, the liquid oxygen pump before the start of the cooling should be opened, the labyrinth seal first pass with nitrogen at room temperature in addition to 10 to 20 minutes while he drove oxygen to bring the seal back to the environmental space;

2, the drive to determine no trouble, start the pump, injection pump inlet pressure is stable, as pressure fluctuations or export pressure does not rise, may produce steam corrosion phenomenon, must open the pump on the valve, continue to cool liquid oxygen pump, pressure 3 and the first pass into the sealing gas, the business nitrogen machine to adjust the correct pressure, once again open the pump and outlet valve, so that the liquid (1) and the first through the sealed gas, the pressure of the gas is higher than the pressure before sealing 1 01005 ~ 0101MPa; Oxygen into the pump to cool, sealed gas pressure must be higher than the inlet pressure is 0105MPa at this time.

Nitrogen equipment normal operation and maintenance: 1 2 H 1 liquid oxygen pump normal operation; 2,1 h 1 nitrogen machine inlet and outlet pressure and gas pressure and flow is normal gas-liquid leakage. Water pump side bearing and motor temperature, bearing temperature control ~ 70 ℃ -25 ℃; 3, shall not close the valve liquid oxygen pump, gas can not be interrupted, should be adjusted at any time.

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