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The Working Principle Of Air Dryer

  The air dryer is a mechanical device that uses the heat energy to reduce the moisture content of the material for drying the object. For the purpose of material use or further processing, the moisture in the material (generally refers to moisture or other volatile liquid components) Vaporization to obtain mechanical equipment that provides solid content of the specified moisture content. An air dryer is a mechanical device that vaporizes and escalates the moisture in the material (generally refers to moisture or other volatile liquid components) to obtain a solid material with a defined moisture content.

In the drying process, it is necessary to complete the transfer of heat and mass (moisture) at the same time to ensure that the moisture partial pressure (concentration) of the wet surface of the material is higher than that of the moisture in the external space to ensure that the heat source temperature is higher than the material temperature.

 The heat is transferred from the high temperature heat source to the wet material in various ways, so that the surface of the material is wetted and vaporized and escaped into the external space, resulting in a difference in moisture content between the surface and the inside of the material. The internal wet to the surface diffusion and vaporization, so that the material wet content continues to decrease, and gradually complete the overall drying of the material.

 The drying rate of the material depends on the rate of surface vaporization and the rate of diffusion of internal moisture. The drying rate and the surface temperature of the material are kept stable as long as the dry external conditions are constant. This stage is called constant speed drying stage; when the wet content of the material is reduced to a certain level, the drying rate of the material is kept constant. The drying rate is determined mainly by the internal diffusion rate and decreases with the decrease of the wet content. This stage is called the deceleration drying stage, and the drying rate is lower than the surface vaporization rate.

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